6 December 2016

Fractured Ground

An audio/visual installation and performance at the Level Centre, Derbyshire, UK created by Karla Jones (Physical Performance/Dance) and Andrew Williams (Sound + Video).

Fractured Ground is a part of a exciting new project for LEVEL - creating live performances and audio/visual installations. It attempts to throw into shadow our 'normal' rational/intellectual approach to creating, collating, structuring and valuing information and art, and instead shine an interrogatory light on what can be created when emphasis is placed upon our somatic senses.

The first three performances took place in November at LEVEL - each performance sold out. 

Description of the Event

Two rooms where used to create different spaces - one filled with sand the other water. The Sand room was illuminated using just 2 floor lights and 2 CRT TV's  - The Water room had just one light and 3 screen video projected onto black walls. 

Video projection in the Water Room
CRT TV's also lined the corridor linking the two rooms. 

Karla Jones performed in each space - using the SAND to create structures, drawn shapes and marks and the WATER to pour, slide and form light patterns. Each performance was improvised (to an extent) based upon some underlying principles/questions. These included: How does an uninterrupted focus on our environment change our behaviour? What happens when sensory information acts as the main stimulus? 

Mud, Soil, Sand, Stone, Water, Outside, Inside, Hot, Cold, Comfortable, Exposed, Naked, Uncomfortable...... Can physical properties create or reveal a movement and visual/aural artistic language?

Karla Jones - Sand
Karla Jones - Water
Video + Sound + Light
Created by Andrew Williams the video and sound compositions provided two very different space. The Sand Room throbbed to a low slowly evolving drone created using an original Korg MS10. This was set so that the Low Frequency Oscillator slowly controlled the cut off frequency modulation. As a result it slowly morphed from one rhythmic pulse to another without changing pitch.

The Sand Room - After the performance
The room was lit using two floor lights only - giving a column of light illuminated the floor and the legs of Karla (when standing). The CRT TV's played a video comprising images of Skin  - shifting from macro photography to using the body to create landscapes. 

The Water Room used a three screen projection system  - with images on both sides of the audience and behind Karla projected onto black material (deliberately dampening the images). The video images mainly comprised people performing, interacting or standing using natural materials to effect the performance language. The images were deliberately non personal and anonymous. It was underpinned by a low audio score created through the use of natural recorded sound, much derived from frequency filtered water from the Dudden Valley (Cumbria).

Karla Performing with Water
 More information - Reaction and Images to follow.

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